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Ellen is an excellent teacher on the subject of prayer, healing, authority of the believer, and the like.

Ellen graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma in 1992 and is licensed through Rhema Ministerial Association International.


Ellen was born at the outset of WWII, five days before Pearl Harbor . Despite numerous struggles, God allowed her to get an education and travel extensively.

While involved in the New Age, Ellen was heir to Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston where holistic healing is given pre-eminence. At that time Ellen was fervent about food's power to heal, but has since come to understand it is only the power of God's Word that has unlimited power in every area. She has had amazing testimonies from people for whom she prayed. (see blog) While living in Nevada, she had her own radio show and made several TV appearances. At Temple University she was captain of the cheerleaders, president of the Women’s Athletic Association, and a finalist for Military Ball Queen. Ellen became born again in 1986 when God miraculously healed her of a broken ankle. She is a retired English teacher and now works as a cyber security analyst. She has been leading a conference call prayer meeting for close to 4 years, seven nights a week.

In a nutshell

Ellen is a seasoned teacher in the area of healing, and has received amazing testimonies from people for whom she has prayed (see blog). She has taught and counseled on many topics to include the authority of the believer, finding your destiny, and the power of prayer. She has led a conference call prayer meeting nightly for close to four years, the focus of which is our nation.

Let the good times roll!

(Singing for Alzheimer's patients.)

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